Engineering Services

As a boutique engineering consulting firm, Summit Scientific’s service offerings include Software, Firmware, FPGA, DSP, Hardware, PCB Layout, and Mechanical engineering that is fully customized to your project scope. Whether you are ready to advance a business opportunity or grow your IP portfolio, we can confidently get you there.

Our dynamic, multi-disciplined team of engineering experts is adept at handling every aspect of embedded systems design and development – from analysis to execution. As a boutique firm, we will cater to your specific needs.

Our service capabilities include timely, expert, efficient, and risk-averse solutions no matter where you are in your project.

Summit Scientific is a 100% fully remote resource with the ability to work with any client no matter where you may be located.

What Phase Is Your Project In?

Whether you are early in the development phase and need something tangible to present to investors, have an idea but no clue how to execute, or have a  prototype without the means to manufacture – we have the industrial and academic experience and expertise to realize your vision.

Although each phase of our expert services builds upon the other, you have the option to select the resource solutions that best fit your project needs.

Research & Analysis

Proof of Concept

Product Liaison

Team Augmentation

Our engineering services include:


Need a concrete evaluation and discovery of requirements to determine your project development parameters, timeframe, and investment?

Our analysis of your project or idea will accurately define and assist in proceeding with your next steps of product/concept development. Learn more about the research we do here.

Proof of Concept

Ready to move your product or idea forward with a tangible and functional prototype to demonstrate your vision’s primary features? Learn more about our proof of concept work here.

Product Liaison

Our team can provide the support to bring your proof of concept to market scale by providing engineering asset assistance to your chosen contract manufacturer. Learn more about how we help here.

Team Augmentation

One or more of our team members can complement your existing team with the right background and experience to execute your vision. Learn more about how we can benefit your team here. 

Client Testimonials


“Rob is one of the most professional and capable engineers that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He is highly responsive and innovative and consistently delivers high quality work, on time. I would highly recommend him and Summit Scientific to anyone else.”


Former Client

“I’ve interacted with Robert on multiple occaisions and at different companies. He has a very low key yet extremely positive and matter of fact style and approach. I always felt that while considering better ways to approach problems he had an eye for the realistic and practical. I would highly recommend him to any company seeking a talented engineer and am certain he would be a pivotal part of any team.”


Account Manager, Wind River

“Robert is a highly productive engineer who is a credit to ProCurve. He is great to work with as well.”


Software Project Manager at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

“Robert is an excellent firmware engineer. He is quietly focused and productive. He also is skilled at writing real-time firmware, and has a deep understanding of network protocols. I would definately recommend Robert for a firmware engineering position.”


Director at Forth Software Ltd