advancing the art of engineering

advancing the art of engineering

Firmware. FPGA. Software. Hardware. Mechanical. Research.

Summit Scientific

Advancing the art of engineering

Our artistic interpretation of IP product functionality and application surpasses the foundations of engineering to create highly intuitive solutions. For years, we’ve been creating big picture solutions by uniquely Advancing the Art of Engineering™, our proven process that realizes your IP vision with efficient, leading-edge, modern executions.

Boilerplate engineering firms rarely think beyond “how does this work,” which is why our boutique is different. Although advanced engineering concepts are the basis for all that we design and build, we think beyond function and consider useability to create intuitive solutions – which means your product will do more than just work – it will exceed all expectations.

Welcome to the Advanced Art of Engineering that is Summit Scientific. Let’s build something together.

Our Work

Quantum Number Generator

The entropy engine employs quantum mechanics to generate an inexhaustible supply of pure random numbers at high speed. 

Surgical Device

This surgical procedure device uses an autocalibrated A/D converter to monitor thermocouple temperatures asynchronously during the delivery of treatment energy to tissue.

Catheter EvaluationPlatform

The system was used for the development of a precision guided catheter.

Cardiopulmonary Sensor

This sensor was based on Ultra Wideband (UWB) radar and displayed real time cardiopulmonary data.

Li-ion Charge / Debug Fixture

This fixture served as a development/charge docking station for Li-ion based SmartCard.

MIDI Interface

The interface provided a Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) link between an accordion and up to 16 MIDI devices.

Engineering Services

As a boutique engineering consulting firm, Summit Scientific’s service offerings around Software, Firmware, FPGA, DSP, Hardware, PCB Layout, and Mechanical engineering are customizable to your project scope.

Our service capabilities include timely, expert, efficient, and risk-averse solutions no matter where you are in your project. Although each phase of our expert services builds upon the other, you have the option to select the resource solutions that best fit your project needs.


Phase 1: Research (Analysis)

Need a concrete evaluation and discovery of requirements to determine your project development parameters, timeframe, and investment?

Our Statement of Work (SOW) will accurately answer all of your development questions.

Rapid Prototypes

Phase 2: Rapid Prototypes

Ready to move your business forward with a tangible and functional prototype to demonstrate your vision’s primary features?

Project Liaison

Phase 3: Project Liaison

Ready for high-value analysis and recommendations?

Our dynamic, multi-disciplined team of engineers represents decades of industrial and academic experience to ensure IP success at reduced risk.

Team Augment

Let us be part of your team!

Ready for high-value analysis and recommendations?

Our dynamic, multi-disciplined team of engineers represents decades of industrial and academic experience to ensure IP success at reduced risk.







Summit's Engineers

Over 50 years of combined experience in the discipline of engineering.

Summit Research

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Robert Van Rooyen Awarded Doctorate in Computer Science

Robert Van Rooyen Awarded Doctorate in Computer Science

His formal training in peer reviewed research and publications on an international level speaks to Summit’s ability to go beyond typical engineering tasks by offering innovations that have been informed by the scientific method.

“Rob is a talented engineer who approaches each project with a significant degree of rigor and discipline. I’ve worked with Rob on several projects, always with aggressive deadlines and numerous technical challenges, and he has always delivered excellent work while maintaining a friendly, cooperative and helpful disposition. "


Embedded Systems Consultant

“Robert Van Rooyen is a rare breed of engineer: a top-notch hardware and software engineer with the unique ability to communicate technical ideas in a concise and clear manner, even to non-technical people."


Software Engineer