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Summit Scientific offers engineering services and consulting with a high level of academic and technical expertise. Our boutique environment allows us to produce a unique depth and breadth in our design and is supported by a team with decades of industry experience and doctoral degrees in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

We founded Summit Scientific, Inc on the principle of providing high-quality multi-discipline engineering services at a competitive cost. Our team’s advanced academia and engineering experience allow seamless movement between software, hardware, mechanical, and research development tasks to confidently and quickly solidify concepts into actionable, cost-effective development plans.

In Summit Scientific, you will find a results-driven partner with a proven track record, an intuitive group of engineers with big picture thinking, and a fully formed team extension that can rapidly adapt to any project. All you need is a vision.

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2018 Guthmen Musical Instrument Competition – Robert Van Rooyen winner of the Judges Award: Technical achievement for the MechDrum™

Summit Scientific Inc. was honored to contribute to the development of a Quantum Number Generator with Los Alamos National Laboratory and Whitewood Encryption Systems. This combined effort led to a very prestigious 2016 R&D Award.



Client Testimonials


“Rob is a talented multi-displined engineer with an easy going disposition. He was thorough and precise in all efforts. Given the chance, I would enjoy working with Rob again in the future.”


Embedded Systems Consultant

“Lisa is a dynamic entrepreneur with great energy and passion for her work. Just talking with her will get you inspired.”


Life Coach

“I have worked with Robert for a number of years while I was in Technical Marketing. Robert was always a professional, and his technical abilities are top notch. And he was always easy to get along with, which I greatly appreciated. I would recommend Robert wholeheartedly.”


Co-owner at Cybertary.com

“Robert is one of the best and brightest engineers around. His skill set has tremendous breadth going from hardware up though high level software. When given a problem he works tirelessly to solve it, typically with very innovative solutions.”


Principle Engineer at QLogic