Our experience with analog and digital design spans a broad spectrum of products that include; audio/video, medical, network, data acquisition, and control devices. Our objective is to deliver the right solution at the lowest cost using applicable cutting edge technology.

As with all of our development projects, a step-wise engineering process is central to our philosophy of building quality products that exceed the stated requirements.

We use circuit simulation tools to validate designs early in the process in order to avoid problems down the road and our printed circuit board (PCB) layout capabilities can produce pre-production and release assets for your next project.

Hardware Services

  • Requirements analysis
  • System architecture and design
  • Schematic capture
  • Bill of materials creation and management
  • PCB layout (up to 24 layers) and Flex/Rigid circuits
  • 3D models
  • Mixed analog/digital circuits
  • Single ended and differential impedance, galvanic isolation, crosstalk isolation
  • High-speed digital signaling
  • Board bring-up
  • Revision management
  • Rework


  • Control of Noise, EMI, and SI in PC Boards (RHartley Enterprise)
  • Design & Building a Board with Embedded Passives Components (IPC)
  • Design for Manufacture (IPC)
  • C.I.D.+ (IPC)


Partial list of embedded systems that have been developed by our engineers using OrCAD, Altium, PADS, Hyperlynx, and a variety of other schematic capture and board artwork application environments:

  • PCR Laboratory System (microcontroller, FPGA, ADC, DAC, OpAMP, CAN, I2C, SPI, voltage regulation)
  • Cardiopulmonary Device (microcontroller, RF, amplifiers, analog filters, ADC, DAC, USB, LCD, serial interface)
  • Cranial Infusion Pump (microcontroller, FPGA, motor control, solenoid, pressure sensing, battery management)
  • Infectious Bacteria Separation (microcontroller, motor control, TECs, valve control, solenoids, liquid detection, pressure sensing, air pumps, USB, RS-485)
  • Surgical Medical Device (microcontroller, ADC, EEPROM)
  • Catheter Control (motor control, LED control, analog filters, STMicroelectronics SBC motherboard, power regulation)
  • 4DOF Robotic Drummer (motor control, serial interface, ADC, Xilinx Zynq SBC motherboard, power regulation, amplifiers, analog filters)
  • Motion Tracking (software defined radio, Xilinx FPGA, networking, ADC, DAC)
  • MIDI Interface (microcontroller, serial interface, power regulation)

Client Testimonials


“Robert is one of the best and brightest engineers around. His skill set has tremendous breadth going from hardware up though high level software. When given a problem he works tirelessly to solve it, typically with very innovative solutions.”


Principle Engineer at QLogic

“I’ve interacted with Robert on multiple occaisions and at different companies. He has a very low key yet extremely positive and matter of fact style and approach. I always felt that while considering better ways to approach problems he had an eye for the realistic and practical. I would highly recommend him to any company seeking a talented engineer and am certain he would be a pivotal part of any team.”


Account Manager, Wind River

“Robert is an incredible engineer. We worked together when I first came to HP out of college. Robert was the engineer I attempted to be like. His depth of knowledge was excellent and I always felt he understood the problem he was working on completely.”


Senior Software Program Manager

“Rob is a talented engineer who approaches each project with a significant degree of rigor and discipline. I’ve worked with Rob on several projects, always with aggressive deadlines and numerous technical challenges, and he has always delivered excellent work while maintaining a friendly, cooperative and helpful disposition.”


Engineering Security and Safety into Embedded Systems