In contrast to firmware on embedded systems, our definition of software, written in C/C++/C#/.NET/Java/LabView, is executable code that runs on commodity desktop, server, or virtual machines hosted by Linux or Windows operating systems.

Our engineers typically write executables that interact with a companion embedded system in order to provide a user interface in the form of a CLI or GUI that is often built upon a custom static or shared library that can also be used directly by our client’s application[s].

Aside from end-user feature accessibility, we routinely develop unit and system test scripts that exist as a superset in order to develop a robust system that can be supported post deployment through the use of internal diagnostics and regression testing.

Software Services

  • Requirements analysis
  • Architecture and design
  • Windows or Linux platform configuration
  • Custom application, middleware, device driver development
  • 3rd party library and device driver integration, modification, and debugging
  • DSP algorithm development
  • Unit and system testing
  • Code refactoring


Partial list of applications and libraries that have been developed by our team:

  • 10GE Camera Aggregator (Ubuntu Linux)
  • FPGA Unit Test Applications (Windows, Ubuntu Linux)
  • DAW VST Plugins (Windows)
  • 4DOF Robotic Drummer Motion Streamer (Ubuntu Linux)
  • Quantum Random Number Generator (CentOS Linux)
  • Surgical Medical Device (Windows)
  • Cardiopulmonary Medical Device (LabView)
  • Network Printer Installer (Windows)
  • Network Interface Card Test Harness (Windows)
  • MPEG Video Encoder/Decoder (Windows) 

Client Testimonials


“Rob is a talented multi-displined engineer with an easy going disposition. He was thorough and precise in all efforts. Given the chance, I would enjoy working with Rob again in the future.”


Embedded Systems Consultant

“Robert’s clarity in communication along with his attention to detail and depth of knowledge make him a valuable asset to ProCurve. His willingness to share his knowledge makes him a great resource to fellow engineers as well.”


Software Engineer at HP (ProCurve)

“Rob is one of those really impressive, multi-disciplined engineers you meet only a few times in the course of a career. He is a really sharp thinker solidly grounded in diverse engineering areas. He is at ease on electrical, mechanical, or software projects. His work product is of high quality and high value.”


VP Systems and Technology at Bell Nursery USA

“Robert is a very strong engineer who is adept at producing elegant solutions to complex problems. In addition to his engineering strengths, he is a good mentor, taking the time to explain the technical aspects or issues to new engineers and non-technical stakeholders. I would look forward to working with him again.”


CEO / Co-Founder at Engineered Medical Technologies