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Client Testimonials


“Besides being an excellent engineer in the “nuts and-bolts”aspects of designing technical solutions to real-world problems, Robert is also a strong champion of the customer experience and finds innovative solutions to customer problems. In short, he does a great job of understanding the customer (not just the technology) and then finds ways to makes the technology easier for customers to use and understand.”


Sr. UX Lead / Architect

“Robert is one of the most productive software developers I’ve worked with in my career. He has a unique ability to solve difficult problems with a minimum of new code.”


Team Leader

“Robert is a highly productive SW developer. At Seven Systems he wrote a Linux iSCSI target driver from early spec’s that was up, running, and reliable within just a few months. I was very impressed.”


Computer Software Professional

“Robert is an incredibly capable engineer that can tackle any technical challenge he is presented with. He knows what tools are available to and will push the status quo to improve the effectiveness of any team he joins.”


Senior Director of Software Engineering at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company