Our Mission

Our mission embodies advancing the art of engineering™, which is exponentially more than simply writing code, designing a circuit, or developing a 3D model. We think beyond function and explore how the features will blend into the product or environment. From start to finish, the efficacy of your IP vision is our main priority.

Our dynamic, multi-disciplined team of engineers utilize decades of industry experience and advanced education to work smarter rather than harder – elevating your project confidence by consistently providing:


  • Managed expectations with rapid project evaluations and accurate cost estimates
  • Solid and executable plans from ambiguous features or product definitions
  • Timely delivery of milestone features to boost investor confidence and mitigate risk
  • Strategies for mass production, when needed
  • Peace of mind that your vision is in the hands of experienced, intuitive, and thoughtful experts







Client Testimonials


“I worked with Robert while trying to configure an embedded computer. Robert’s deep expertise in embedded systems coupled with his wide library of ‘tribal knowledge’ and software engineering knowhow in the field of embedded linux made him key in overcoming some of the technical hurdles of our project. I consider it very fortunate that we were able to work with Robert as our first consultant for embedded computing.”


Software Development Engineer II at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

“Robert is an incredible engineer. We worked together when I first came to HP out of college. Robert was the engineer I attempted to be like. His depth of knowledge was excellent and I always felt he understood the problem he was working on completely.”


Senior Software Program Manager

“Robert’s clarity in communication along with his attention to detail and depth of knowledge make him a valuable asset to ProCurve. His willingness to share his knowledge makes him a great resource to fellow engineers as well.”


Software Engineer at HP (ProCurve)

“Robert is an exceptional software development engineer. He works well as a team member and shares freely of his knowledge and expertise and he has a lot of knowledge to share! His code is clean, well documented and works out of the gate.”


Retired from Hewlett Packard Enterprise