September 20, 2018

Summit Scientific Celebrates 10 Years of Service!


Contact: Lisa Marston, VP Summit Scientific, Inc.
Phone: 206-395-3148


Multi-discipline Engineering Services for Industries Ranging from Medical Devices to Research Laboratories

(Seattle, WA, September 2018) Ten years ago, the launch of Summit Scientific, Inc. created a new type of engineering consulting company – one that was founded on the principal of providing high quality multi-discipline engineering services at a low cost. Robert Van Rooyen, CEO and Founder, started the company to fill a need by partnering with companies that required targeted expertise.   Summit Scientific, Inc. is unique, as the company focuses on software, hardware, mechanical, and research with both industrial experience and academic background to provide the level of engineering services that can rapidly transition concepts from the drawing board to reality. This is rare in the industry as most consulting firms focus on a single discipline and rely on the client or others for cross functional understanding and system integration.

Robert knew from the beginning that his mission for the company was to Advance the Art of Engineering™, which is a concept that embodies so much more than simply writing code, designing a circuit, or developing a 3D model.  As technology continues to advance it is hard to build a team of professional employees that can execute on an idea quickly when needed for a specific task. Summit Scientific is the company that can fill that need by achieving a close partnership with clients that spans the distance from identifying requirements to delivering the final product.

“As a company we try to step back and look at the big picture.  This is where the Engineering becomes the foundation and the Art extends to how the product will be used effectively. What is the aesthetics of this product, what does it look like, is it easy to use and is it self-explanatory? The best products are intuitive and do not require a user manual.”  Robert Van Rooyen, CEO and Founder

Since opening in 2008, the company has continued to grow by building a team with over 60 years of combined experienced in software, hardware, mechanical, and research that includes embedded systems, high-speed logic, and cutting edge manufacturing design.  This strong foundation enables the company to master leading-edge modern engineering concepts.  Summit Scientific team members have published academic works, industry whitepapers, and have been granted patents for innovative intellectual property.

As a PhD candidate in Computer Science at the University of Victoria, Robert Van Rooyen has developed the MechDrum™ as a result of his research in human motion that showcases his 30+ years of multi-discipline engineering experience.  Along with exceeding his client’s expectations, Robert was honored to contribute to the development of a Quantum Number Generator with Los Alamos National Laboratory and Whitewood Encryption Systems that led to a 2016 R&D 100 award. Robert was also honored to be the first recipient of the 2018 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition Judges’ Award for Technical Achievement with the MechDrum™.

As the company looks forward to future growth, quality and innovation remain top priorities.  Towards that end, the company will continue to develop its abilities and increase its capacity through ongoing education and attracting specialists to fit an ever changing technological landscape.



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