August 11, 2016

Summit Scientific Inc. Receives R&D Award


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The R&D 100 Award acknowledged the combined efforts of Los Alamos National Laboratory, Whitewood Encryption Systems, and Summit Scientific, Inc., in the research and development of ground breaking technology.

The R&D 100 Awards is an international competition that recognizes the 100 most technologically significant products introduced into the marketplace over the past year. The R&D 100 Awards recognize excellence across a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, optics, high‐energy physics, materials science, chemistry, and biotechnology. The awards not only recognize the efforts of the development team and partners, they provide a mark of excellence known to industry, government and consumers.

“We are thrilled that our Entropy Engine was selected as the winner for this prestigious award. It highlights the importance of improving random number generation, the very foundation of all forms of cryptography, across data centers and security infrastructure,” said Richard Moulds, Vice President of Strategy for Whitewood. “In developing the Entropy Engine, Whitewood works closely with our partners at Los Alamos National Laboratory to commercialize their initial research. The Entropy Engine illustrates the value of public‐ private partnerships in cybersecurity and an ability to bring additional protection to critical national infrastructure through such partnership.”

Richard Moulds,
Vice President of Strategy for Whitewood
November 18, 2016

Summit Scientific, Inc. working in collaboration with the Los Alamos National Laboratory and Whitewood Encryption Systems utilized their industrial experience, multi‐discipline engineering capabilities, and the academic background of their staff in the development of the Quantum Number Generator known as the Entropy EngineTM. This quantum‐powered, high‐performance Random Number Generator is capable of generating 350 Mbit/s of true random numbers. The Entropy EngineTM was also a finalist in the Special Recognition Market Disruptor Services categories.

Many applications and operating systems rely on random numbers. In particular, those applications that perform encryption, use digital signatures, or employ other forms of cryptography that use random numbers as the basis of their security. When random numbers are not truly random, keys can become more predictable and encryption can become vulnerable to attack. The Entropy Engine aims to set a new benchmark for performance and security when generating random numbers. Designed as a convenient PCI express plug‐in card for servers, the Entropy Engine exploits quantum mechanics to generate pure entropy that delivers true random numbers at speeds of up to 350 Mbit/s. The product is architected to comply with the latest draft NIST standard SP800‐90B for entropy sources and non‐deterministic random bit generators.

“The Entropy Engine provides an excellent example of how a national laboratory and the private sector can combine their skills and resources to address real‐world challenges,” said Los Alamos Chief Technology Officer Duncan McBranch. “Not only does the Entropy Engine benefit existing security applications today, it demonstrates potential to be an essential component of future quantum‐safe systems. The technology shift due to quantum information and computing systems has been a long‐term research focus at Los Alamos, and now with the Entropy Engine we are excited to see this technology in the marketplace.”

Duncan McBranch
Los Alamos Chief Technology Officer
November 18, 2016

Summit Scientific, Inc. CEO Robert Van Rooyen played an instrumental role in the development of this important product and was extremely honored that the company’s efforts were recognized with the R&D 100 Award in the IT/Electrical category.

“The development of the Entropy Engine represented not only a technical achievement, but an amazing opportunity to work with a remarkable group of visionaries, scientists, and engineers at Whitewood, A&E Partners, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Gener8. Their dedication to excellence in science and engineering was truly inspiring and a high‐point in my consulting career.”

Robert Van Rooyen, PhD
CEO, Senior Engineer/Scientist
Summit Scientific, Inc.


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